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Our team


President, Trainer & Consultant

Signs of Safety Licensed
Trainer & Consultant 
Certified ToP Facilitation Methods Facilitator & Trainer 
Master’s of Education in Community and Agency Counseling (M.Ed.) 
Bachelor’s in Music Therapy (BM)  
NASW & ATD Member
I am a catalyst for change. I create “Ah-ha” experiences in the classroom, uncover gifts not yet recognized, and facilitate guided self-discovery with social workers in the field, their supervisors and child welfare leadership at state and local levels. One of my biggest joys is coaching and developing facilitation/trainer talent.
What I do best is inspire. Through my stories, you see possibilities emerge and then picture yourself as the hero of that story in which a family comes together and the community reaches out to help protect a child. I create magic by making the material in the classroom become real, relevant and accessible through the voices of family stories which speak to relevant professional experiences. 
I am drawn like a magnet to difficult conversations in a group, because in transforming the loudest critic, I transform individuals into a committed team working toward a common goal. Passion and a commitment to social justice drive my work.

Vice President, Trainer & Consultant

Signs of Safety Licensed
Trainer & Consultant

Bachelor’s in Psychology 

NASW and ATD Member

I am an architect of learning. As a facilitator and instructional designer, I think creatively. I provide the instructional scaffolding needed to support a thorough and engaging learning environment. 
I can support a group through difficult conversations, managing the tension when a topic is charged. I bring compassion, wit and experience to the learning process. I have a passion for people and the ‘Ah-ha’ experience. I believe the collective wisdom is greater than what individuals bring. I love uncovering and sharing that wisdom in a group.

Business and Finance Manager

Masters in Physical Education

Bachelors in Health, Physical Education, Driver Education

Licensed Insurance Consultant

I am a lifelong organizer, teacher and coach. As a high school and college athlete on the basketball court, I pushed myself and my teammates to do their very best to win.  If we didn’t win, I wanted to be sure that we all learned something from the experience. I did the same as a coach. I love rules that have vision, but I want to make sure they serve the purpose for which they are intended. I evaluate women’s basketball officials for the ACC, Big South, Colonial and Southern Conferences. For me, it is a way of giving back to the game that I love so much.  A game that, for women, has come a long way. I am proud of being part of that long trail. As I’ve aged, I switched to a bicycle and running the roads.  
I bring that same coaching and teaching skill to my work with Blue Spiral Consulting as their Business and Financial Manager. It is my job to get Blue Sprial’s consultants and trainers to the right place, with the right materials, at the right time.  and make sure our customers are happy with the results. It is also my job to make sure that Blue Spiral has an inspired and practical financial and business vision. I make plans to reach those goals, for the present and for the future. It is my mission to make sure the owners of this great company reach the “ah-ha” moment for their clients and never worry about anything outside of their commitment and passion for their work.

Facilitation and Strategic Planning

Certified Facilitator and Qualified Trainer, Technology of Participation Methods

Facilitator & Trainer
Team Development
Community Organizer
I skillfully use deep listening to get at the heart of my client's intentions. I hold space in a way that the person I’m listening to feels seen, heard and recognized. I am gifted at getting to the heart of the matter and organizing a team’s worthy and beautiful intentions into meaningful and achievable tasks. With each client I provides invaluable assistance weaving together different  visions and perspectives into a solid, shared vision. My efficient, competent guidance creates magical results and leads to a kinder, more equitable world.


Elia International
International, Whole-System 
Signs of Safety 
Carole Cole
USA Licensed Signs of Safety Trainer
Fred Magie
Canada Licensed Signs of Safety
Trainer & Consultant
Mike Caslor
Canada Licensed Signs of Safety
Trainer & Consultant
Director of Research for the International 
Signs of Safety Community
Kay Whyte Bell
UK Licensed Signs of Safety Trainer & Consultant 
Dan Koziolek
Retired Signs of Safety Trainer & Consultant
Stefania Agliano
Professor at Sacred Heart Masters of
Social Work Department 
Professor in the Urban Studies department at the University of Connecticut
Founder of I AM Training and Consulting Group, LLC
Family Finding
Engaging Lifelong Connections
David Billstrom
Business Coach, Extraordinaire
Brian Jaudon
Master Coach & Alchemist
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