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Why we serve   We facilitate individual and organizational 
growth, healing and social justice by integrating the most innovative child welfare models into organizations to cultivate
collaboration, value all people, and give everyone a voice. This 
is our commitment and our passion.

Who we serve   We are a women-owned business serving a community of inspiring leaders, dedicated child protection professionals and child welfare organizations. Our indirect customers are the children and adults who need protection and the families we help to stay together.

How we serve    We model partnership in all that we do. We work through collaboration and consensus, creating learning organizations where leaders encourage everyone to contribute their gifts and where child welfare professionals put both family wellbeing and child safety at the center of their work.
What sets us apart   The work you do matters, and so do you. We create innovative materials that are specific to your organization’s culture. We support your organization in envisioning your highest potential, strategizing how to get there and then helping you achieve that. We cultivate working relationships that last for years.
“What is different about Blue Spiral Consulting is the way that they tailor their training, consultation and even their materials to match our agency’s culture and directly address our needs and goals. They came to us and asked what we wanted for ourselves and then they built something with us that allowed us get there.”

— Program Manager of Child Protective
    Services, Wilson County, NC.

Image by Giulia May

Let's transform the system.

At Blue Spiral Consulting we connect people, leaders and organizations to their passion and purpose. We grow learning organizations whose mission is to support all vulnerable people who need a voice. We galvanize the skills of people who are as committed as we are to making a difference in the lives of children and families and in the communities to which they belong. We model principles of partnership in everything we do.
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